SoCal ISM Bible Camp (June 14-17)

Ever wonder how to properly read and understand the Bible, and to have it become personally relevant to your life? Come join us for this extended time to gain deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible at our first-ever Southern California ISM Bible camp at the beautiful Sky Mountain Camp (SMC)! You will be exposed to and taught on many different Bible passages that you may not have known through weekly Bible studies and Sunday services. The Bible camp will start on Friday June 14, and end on Monday June 17.


Aside from the time we will spend reading and studying the Bible, we will also have fun indoor and outdoor activities. The video below shows the possible activities we may do at SMC.

The fee for the Bible camp is to be determined (but will be affordable). It covers 3 nights of lodging, all meals, and transportation.

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Note: In order to join the Bible camp, you need to be regularly attending Bible studies or Sunday services from one of these groups: